Pilates and Private Workouts


One-on-One Fitness Sessions:

Designed for the individual, in your home or in studio.  Pilates, outdoor running, yoga, cardio and weight training offered.

Contact me at Fitness@AllisonEaster.com for more information.

Trios and Duets on the Pilates Reformer

in studio only

Looking for private fitness training at a discount price?  Try Trios and Duets on the Pilates Reformer.  Train with a friend (or two) and be kind to your budget and your body.

Pilates Mat Class

Sundays 11 am at New York Sports Club

East 86th & Lexington

Free to NYSC members.   Not a member?

Email me to ask about a trial membership





9:45 am


12:30 pm

by appointment only


Pilates Developed in the 1920’s by Joseph H. Pilates, the focus of this discipline is to strengthen and elongate the entire body, starting with the abdomen, torso and hips.  Trios and Duets use the Pilates Reformer (equipment in the 2nd lowest picture).  The technique involves the use of proper breathing while developing control over the muscles with smooth movement and varied range of motion.  Mat exercises use the body alone, incorporating props such as a Pilates ring (lowest picture)